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Warrior Talk with GI Jenn – Confederate Armory & Part 3 of our PTSD series on BlogTalkRadio

Confederate Armory is a Veteran Owned business and operated by Jay and Jason, US ARMY and US NAVY (that has to be fun during the ARMY NAVY GAME!!) These guys are a start up business and doing great work. Let’s support those who protect our 2nd Amendment rights… Plus we will talk about a way YOU can get involved in their next tee shirt idea!!

Then, Part 3 in our 10 part series on PTSD. We will cover everything from how pharmaceuticals make there way to Market or the “Chain of Events” to over medication and misdiagnosis to malpractice as it relates to PTSD (VA and civilian facilities). We want to discuss the issue and share both the postive and negative results. Are there alternative treatments that work? We NEED to hear from you!!

I encourage those who have been treated with medications for their PTSD to share their experiences. Are your meds working for you? Are you being over medicated? Do you know what meds mix and which don’t? Have you found alternative treatments? These are all topics that HAVE to be discussed. YOU are NOT alone.

Turtle, my co-host will share his story with medical treatment and not just the VA, but civilian hospitals. This is something we all need to be aware of. With 22 Veterans a day taking their own lives, the one size fits all – write a script, just IS NOT WORKING.


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