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Warrior Talk with GI Jenn – is HONORED to have the ACTIVIST MOM of Sgt. Kimberly Agar on the show to talk about TBI and suicide.  Margy Agar has been a relentless activist regarding suicide among our troops, since the death of her daughter,Kimberly.

Kimberly served in Iraq as a heavy transport driver and was often called on to sing for special events in the war zone.  She was injured by an improvised explosive device in Iraq during her first enlistment. She re-enlisted to see the world and was selected to be a vocalist with the Army’s elite European Band and Chorus based in Germany.

We have a special guest co-host tonight, as Turtle is out of our area of operation.  My guest host, who we will call “The Marine”, will be talking about TBI and the impact it has on the suicide rate among our TROOPS and our VETERANS.

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