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With the Ft. Hood shooting and the misinformation about PTSD being tossed around, I thought it was time to bring in someone that could , especially for our VETERANS.  We are HONORED to bring to you a COMBAT VETERAN and mental healthcare professional.  He promises to bring you the TRUTH about what is REALLY going on with mental healthcare and our WARRIORS.

We will be joined, once again, by our research analyst, Michael, also a COMBAT VETERAN, to add to the conversation about pharma and PTSD.

Finally, THE MAJOR, John Bucciarelli will be back on to talk about the IMPORTANCE of allowing our WARRIORS the opportunity for immersion therapy and the BLACKSHEEP PTSD MilSim Challenge.

If you, or someone you CARE about might have PTSD, I urge you to get them to listen to this show.  We are going to uncover the TRUTH and hopefully teach the mass media about responsible reporting on PTSD.

We deliver meaningful conservative American news that is not your normal agenda based Beltway bull.