BREAKING: Owner Of Washington Post Just Busted In $600M Plot With Obama And CIA To Take Down Trump!

It should come as no surprise to the American people that the mainstream media is corrupt. It seems that the media has forgotten what their purpose is, but I am here to remind them. The role of the media and their free speech is to root out corruption in our government, but recently, that is hardly the case. The mainstream media today, is equally complicit in pushing the liberal agenda and covering the truth for political gain.

With the recent leaks in Trump’s administration, many have wondered how this information is being passed to media sources. Well, we may have the answer and it proves how deep this corruption goes. Many people are not aware of who Jeff Bezos is or why his name is even important. Bezos is the CEO and founder of Amazon but has made another purchase recently that has conservatives talking.

Bezos has purchased the Washington Post and is the sole owner of this publication, but not only that there is no editorial board on his staff. That is correct, no editorial staff or ethical review committees to oversee the actions of Bezos as a publisher.

I am sure you asking at this point, how is Bezos connected to the leaks? Don’t worry, I will show you how that ties in.

A few years back, Bezos landed a $600 million contract with the CIA. The “deal” is for a computing cloud developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It also just happens that the AWS services all 17 agencies within the US intelligence community. Does that not sound suspicious to you at all?

Also, the majority of Americans do not know is that these  ‘leaked” CIA documents are being used to undermine President Trump and his administration. This information was leaked to the Washington Post before and after Bezos took the helm of “America’s newspaper.”

What this boils down to is this,  Bezos has the ability to post whatever he wants without vetting the “sources.” The CIA now has its very own propaganda machine to push whatever agenda they see fit and no one will stop them.

Bezos received this contract under the Obama administration in 2013, which shows exactly who his allegiance is to. If anyone does not think that he will continue to use his power and contacts to continually discredit Trump, they are sorely mistaken.

This is exactly the reason why the American people do not trust the media. Draining the swamp just does not include Washington folks, we must drain the entire system.

H/T [ AlterNet ]

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