In the wake of the massively controversial grand jury decision to not charge Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, many folks have wondered if he’s going to apologize to the family personally.

Keep in mind the Brown family has pretty much ignored every single fact that’s come out about this case without any real regard for the truth. Granted, they’re grieving the loss of a son, something that is unbearably difficult and is a type of pain I can’t even imagine, but the facts are facts.

All of the evidence in this case points to Wilson being justified in using lethal force to stop Brown. After being asked whether or not he’ll apologize, the Ferguson police officer responded through his lawyer.

From Opposing Views:

“Even if he gave the most heartfelt apology, they’d still not like it,” attorney James Towey told the Washington Post.

Wilson’s team reminded the nation this week that, even though the grand jury decided not to indict him, his life is not back to normal. Wilson’s address popped up online just days after the August incident in which he fatally shot Michael Brown. He was reportedly forced out of his home and moved in with a relative before having to pack up his things again and move into a “quote-unquote permanent location.”

Wilson’s lawyers also argue that he has become the “poster child for bad race relations” and that, aside from marrying another police officer named Barbara Spradling while the case was pending, he has bounced around from place to place and worn disguises because his life is constantly being threatened.

This situation is a pretty sticky one to navigate both for Wilson and his family.

Should a police officer who is forced to use lethal force to defend himself from a violent attacker apologize to the victim’s family for doing the right thing, the thing he was trained to do?

On the flip side of the coin, should the Brown family be the one making the apology to Wilson? Their son basically attempted to kill him, and then they themselves have incited massive hate against him, preventing him and his family from ever living a normal life again. This seems pretty damaging.

Overall, this is a tough call to make, and I’m not sure what the right decision in this case would be. Perhaps both should apologize sincerely when they’ve had time to heal. Perhaps there’s hope that one day both Wilson and the Browns will stand in unity, showing the nation an example of grace and forgiveness that it desperately needs to see.

Miracles can happen.

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