Washington Is FREAKING OUT After Trump Just FIRED Them ALL! BOSS MOVE!

Right before the election, Investors Business Daily released a survey of Federal workers showing that 35% of them claim they’d quit their jobs if Donald Trump were to be elected. With stats like that, it looks like draining the federal government’s swamp of waste will be easier to clear than expected too.

And of course, he’s going to drain the swamp of all the disastrous nominees Obama has appointed. Today, we found out that they all just got terrible news last month (which is great news for everyone else).

As Conservative Fighters reported:

Say hello to my little friends. Trump is firing off firings at all of Obama’s appointed ambassadors. That means that all of Obama’s corrupt ambassadors are outta here!

Donald Trump has fired them all. Bye, bye! Effective on Inauguration Day on Jan. 20th, every U.S. ambassador that was appointed by Obama will get fired. This is coming from the New York Times.

Ambassadors got Trump’s order on December 23rd. Apparently, ambassadors were freaking out. Trump is not giving them time to “transition.”

As Donald Trump would say…


And of course, Trump actually did say that about Obama back in 2015 when he was asked what he’d say to him:

And now it’s a reality!

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