Look Who’s Moving To Washington D.C. To Work For Trump!

Kellyanne Conway has been an integral part of the Donald Trump campaign for president and she has also played a key role in the transition team. Now she confirms she is relocating her entire family to the Washington D.C. area in order to serve under the Donald Trump administration.

She stated on Fox News yesterday she will be working on behalf of him either inside or outside of the administration to work on commen goals. She said,

“My family is going to move to Washington, D.C., and I will either stay outside and run the political super-structure, or I will go into the West Wing and take a position right next to the president. I just want to find my best and highest use.”

Conway had been a stalwart support of Trumps and has been loyal to the end. She will no doubt have some crucial role within his administration. Especially considering the fact that Donald Trump always rewards his loyal supporters accordingly.

Look at what she said during her segment on Twitter here,

Conway has notably gone onto adversarial talk shows that are predominantly liberal and defended the man she works for and his mission. She appeared on The View as well as Bill Maher’s talk show. Notable progressives who have disdain for Donald Trump and attacked on at every chance they get. But she had the courage to appear on one shows knowing she was walking into the lions den. Unlike her democratic counterparts who ran one of the most heavily scripted campaigns anyone has ever seen.

She could take on a myriad of different roles from a senior advisor to press secretary. There is no doubt she will excel at whatever she does as she has improved Trump’s image in the short time she has worked for and under him. Many attribute his win and turnaround in the final months to Conway.

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