(Mad World News) When C-Span opened up the call lines to the public, I’m betting they never expected this one.

“I’m an 82-year-old Black Senior Citizen Grandmother and I voted straight Republican”

C-Span opened up their call lines to the public with a question: Do you plan to vote? They seemed to be excited when they got a call from a woman by the name of Ms. Joyce.

Ms. Joyce stated that she already voted in the early voting and apologized to the young anchor woman who told her it was okay. Then she introduced herself as a self-professed 82-year-old black senior citizen grandmother. I don’t believe C-Span was ready for what she said next.

She said she voted straight Republican this year.

Her reasons were due to what she has observed over the last 50 years.

Everyone that is on the bubble of whom to vote for may want to listen to her wisdom.

She said, “When I hear my people” talk about supporting “President Barack Obama that you are doing it because he is black, we need to stop that foolishness. This man is destroying this country.”

C-Span was quick to shut her off to supposedly hear more people. I think every bit of her answer was wisdom.

She calls on Christians to think how they can vote for the agenda of taking out God and killing babies and still call themselves Christian.

She points out that the unemployment rate in the African-American community is double any other community.

She points out that we are giving money and welfare to people who don’t need it, while people who need help suffer.

I don’t think she got it wrong at all. I think the young and old of our country need to listen to the 82 years of grace and wisdom pouring out of this woman’s heart.

I know it won’t take long before people attack Ms. Joyce, but I think we should stand up and give this woman a round of applause. She gets it. It’s not about left, right, or color of skin. It’s about what is driving these agendas. It’s about right and wrong.

God bless you, Ms. Joyce. I pray your words of wisdom reach the hearts of many today. If I meet you in my Texas travels, I owe you a great big hug.

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