Hillary Clinton was recently hit with the politically devastating tag of being the “inevitable” nominee of the Democrat Party ahead of the 2016 Presidential campaign season.

However, that tag may be premature, as she has been rapidly sinking in approval polls recently.

She has also faced hecklers and shrinking crowds with empty seats at some of the high-priced speeches she has been giving.

The women, and one lucky guy, of the Fox News show “Outnumbered” spoke about the latest occurrence of empty seats during a speech Hillary recently gave at Georgetown University.

The question was raised about if America is beginning to show “fatigue” towards Hillary, a premise which was generally agreed upon.

The lone liberal on the panel, Kirsten Powers, defended Hillary somewhat by relaying Georgetown’s excuse for the small crowd, saying that it was finals week, and that there had been a much larger crowd that showed up to see Hillary speak a mere month earlier.

But Andrea Tantaros wasn’t buying that, and thinks the reason the crowd was so small was because Hillary lacks the ability to get people really fired up.

“She doesn’t exactly represent what I’d call ‘get off your seat and go, “Yeah!”‘  I mean, have you see her speeches lately?  What is she saying?  She is so dry and dull,” Tantaros said.

“I mean, if the students need help going to sleep, which they don’t, they can go and listen to her speak,” she added. “I mean, look at her, she looks tired, she hasn’t had a new idea in decades.”

“Bill would’ve had that room packed, but listen, she’s just not an exciting speaker, and she’s overexposed,” she concluded.

Watch the video here, courtesy of Fox News:

When Andrea Tantaros has something to say, she doesn’t hold back, and can be expected to say what she really feels.

Good for her.

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