Watch What Badass Does With His American Flag When Idiot Thug Tried To Kick His Ass!

Watch What Badass Does With His American Flag When Idiot Thug Tried To Kick His Ass!

Kyle Chapman has become somewhat of a folklore hero among conservatives after he rose to Internet fame for his manhandling of liberal idiots on campus at UC Berkley in March. He’s back in the news and more badass than ever with what just happened as he walked through campus with a big American flag in his hand. One leftist ruffian took particular issue with the man known as “Based Stickman” and tried to get aggressive with him, but made a huge mistake.

To appreciate what happened on campus between the infamous “Stickman” and an unfortunate idiot who was asking for what he ended up getting, one must understand what originally made this fighter a patriotic warrior to begin with. Louder With Crowder provided an eloquent intro for this hero after the original incident, when he fought fascist-loving liberals with a stick, clearly embodying President Theodore Roosevelt’s words, “speak softly and carry a big stick.”

“We live in dark times. The threat of emotionally-stunted leftists going into psycho-tard rage mode is at its highest in recent memory. When angry progressives congregate, the immediate vicinity quickly devolves into a third world-like war zone. As was the case at the pro-Trump rally at Berkeley last weekend. But, in the midst of all the chaos at the rally, a new warrior has risen. Clad in armor and clutching a big freakin’ stick. His name? Based Stickman…,” Steven Crowder wrote.

Now, Stickman is back with a more brutal message, delivering it with Old Glory in one hand and a powerful right hook with the other.

Wearing his signature headgear as he marched around campus to allegedly promote free speech, masked Chapman was confronted by familiar adversaries.

Breitbart explains how what happened next got started:

“Chapman was walking around Berkeley wearing a baseball helmet and toting the flag while being filmed to promote a free-speech rally scheduled for Saturday. A group of youths approached Chapman, telling him and his cameraman to leave. One man got in Chapman’s face, challenging him to fight.”

One thug took offense to Chapman and the flag and shouted, “I don’t wanna see you around here again.” Stickman responded with poking fun at the miscreant holding a skateboard: “I wish you could learn how to skateboard,” he said. Those were apparently fighting words for this little lefty who then thought he said something big when he shouted, “I skate better than you, I skate better than your mom.” Other thugs chimed in with their two cents when Stickman had apparently had enough.

One of the thugs got a little bold beyond just words and allegedly began coming at Chapman in a threatening manner when Sickman knocked him out in self-defense. Impressively, he managed to do so without letting the flag touch the ground, maintaining honor and respect while teaching this trash-talking fool a non-politically correct lesson.

Both Based Stickman and the man on the receiving end of his wrath, who was reportedly carrying a knife, were arrested and received citations for the altercation. Luckily, the entire thing was caught on film. Chapman posted it with the caption, “This is another example of left-wing thugs trying to intimidate and threaten real Americans when we try to exercise our First Amendment rights. We CANNOT let that fly.”

While we don’t condone violence, leftist rioters and protesters have gotten away with their stupid games for long enough, and it’s fair to say that Stickman acted on behalf of all Americans who are sick of it. Their mouths have written checks that their backsides can’t cash and Chapman just collected on this debt.

h/t: [Milo]

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