WATCH: Baltimore celebrates over cops being charged; state’s attorney’s ‘smirk’ speaks volumes


From BizPac: From celebrations in the streets of Baltimore to social media buzz, reaction was swift after State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced that charges are being filed in the death of Freddie Gray.

People in Baltimore drove around tooting their car horns and hugging each other as if the Raven’s just won the SuperBowl.

Some decried the speed of Mosby filing the charges on the same day she received the autopsy results as if she knew she was going to file charges all along.

Fox News columnist Todd Starnes noted that the “smirk at the end of the state’s attorney’s remarks spoke volumes.”

The Maryland state’s attorney has declared war on law enforcement.

— toddstarnes (@toddstarnes) May 1, 2015

#Baltimore UPDATE: Residents celebrate filing of charges against six officers #FreddieGray — RT America (@RT_America) May 1, 2015

That smirk at the end of the states’ attorney’s remarks spoke volumes. #BaltimoreRiots #antipolice

— toddstarnes (@toddstarnes) May 1, 2015

#FreddieGray got justice me n the crew finna loot to celebrate #BaltimoreLootCrew #BlackLivesMatter #Baltimore — Jayrome Williams (@BrotherTooTurnt) May 1, 2015

YAS. RT @eb4prez: #MarilynMosby walked away from city hall like this.

— #PeenEauxNwaaaah. (@mminthecity) May 1, 2015

The officers were charged for Freddie Gray’s murder? Where’s the party at tonight??? — Kaila (@kailanthropy) May 1, 2015

Those cops killed Freddie gray, you damn right. Let’s hAve a party in Baltimore

— Alexxwonderlandd (@Alexx_in_Wonder) May 1, 2015

Penn/North. Horns. Happiness. Dancing. #Baltimore #FreddieGray — Kevin Rector (@RectorSun) May 1, 2015

“People got tears of joy,” said one young man in Sandtown, Freddie Gray’s #Baltimore neighborhood.

— Albert Samaha (@AlbertSamaha) May 1, 2015

GOT EM!! SIX OFFICERS CHARGED IN #BALTIMORE @cnnbrk #BlackLivesMatter #cut50 — Van Jones (@VanJones68) May 1, 2015

THE SET UP: Black Prosecutor Black Victim Black Rioters White Cops Black Mayor If she does not get a guilty verdict what will happen??

— oBoLa CrAcKa (@HouseCracka) May 1, 2015

So now anytime a #THUG is taken into custody they will HURT themselves and claim #policebrutality #PoliceLivesMatter — HETEROSEXUAL WOMAN ™ (@tracieeeeee) May 1, 2015

Why is everyone turning on our police?? ..and why does it seem so orchestrated? This is sick!! #PoliceLivesMatter #betrayal

— Tres Berden (@Tresidential) May 1, 2015


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