WATCH: Bernie UNLOADS On Hillary… Blames Her For Loss (VIDEO)

As Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump for claiming that he was competing in a rigged election, she didn’t seem to appreciate the irony.

After all, months earlier a hack of the DNC revealed that the Democrat establishment conspired against Bernie Sanders from day one. They tried to make his Jewish faith (or lackthereof) an issue, and Donna Brazile abused her position as a CNN contributor to leak questions to Hillary ahead of her debates with Bernie.

You know what I’d call that? Rigging.

Hilariously, early polling during the Primary actually showed that Bernie Sanders would’ve performed better against Trump in a hypothetical head to head. Did the Democrats shoot themselves in the foot? I don’t think the American public would ever elect a socialist, but Bernie certainly is pointing the finger.

As Conservative Outfitters reported:

Bernie Sanders appeared on “CBS This Morning” Monday and disputed Hillary Clinton’s claim that James Comey and the FBI cost her the election. Senator Sanders told Charlie Rose:

“It’s not a question of what happens in the last week. The question is that she should have won this election by 10 percentage points.”


Bet he’s regretting compromising his principles and endorsing her, isn’t she?

Many of the talking points he gave against her (such as her hidden Wall Street speeches) were used as ammunition by Trump against Hillary. I bet he’s regretting ever making them.

This election reflected a shift in America politics. The American public has rejected socialism as represented by Bernie Sanders, and rejected the establishment in rejecting Hillary Clinton (and the rest of the Republican contenders, for that matter). Trump didn’t win because millions of racists hit the polls. The fact that liberals still cannot grip with that fact is why they lost – and will continue to lose.

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