WATCH: Black Cop Destroys Lester Holt Post Debate, We Don’t Give a Sh*t About Obama or Hillarys Looks!

Was Lester Holt auditioning to become Hillary Clinton’s press secretary last night? The man certainly shilled for her last night, interrupting Donald Trump 50% more than her.

The day of the debate, Hillary’s campaign manager requested that Holt fact check Trump during the debate – and he meant ONLY Trump. Holt pressed Trump once over his claim that he opposes the Iraq War from the beginning, and wouldn’t back down on his claim. He pointed viewers to an interview he did with Neil Cavuto in 2003, which checked out. He also said that he had numerous conversations with Sean Hannity where he expressed opposition to the war, which Hannity confirmed after the debate on Fox News.

Meanwhile, Hillary was able to get away with a handful of lies. Let’s review just a few Holt could’ve addressed.

He could’ve talked about Hillary’s lies during that debate about Iran being “weeks away” from having a nuclear weapon prior to the Iran deal, or the claim that she would make college debt free by making it tuition free, which ignores that half of college costs are not tuition (such as room & board, books, and other fees).

Clinton also denied her role in negotiation the Trans Pacific Partnership, lied about Trump’s tax returns (in claiming that he pays no Federal income tax), and various other economic misunderstandings (such as when she blamed the subprime mortgage crisis on tax cuts).

Quite rightly, Holt is getting called out. As the video from Right Alerts shows:

Polls already show that 94 percent of Americans don’t trust the media, and last night’s debate was a reminder why. Since that bias was explicitly against Donald Trump, it could end up helping him, especially because he’s seen as the underdog.

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