WATCH: Black Lives Matter Incite Murderous Chants Against Police “Pig, Pig, Bang, Bang…”

In case it wasn’t clear enough already, Black Lives Matter truly is an anti-police group. We’ve all heard the talking point before, that they’re “anti-police brutality, not anti-police” but their actions betray them.

One of the co-founders of the BLM movement, Alicia Garzia, proved that the movement was anti-cop just the other day when she called for “cop-free” zones. She had explained (as quoted in the Daily Caller) that “The United States gives too much respect to police officers, explaining that when police do wrong, a few bad cops are blamed, rather than a “corroded and corrupt system.” She concluded that “Quite frankly, many of our [Black Lives Matter] members are continuing to investigate what it would mean to have police-free communities. I think what we’ve continued to see over time is that no moral appeal is actually stopping the deaths of black people, whether they be armed or unarmed.”

Does she not realize that more black lives would be lost if their communities lacked police? Apparently not.

We’ve seen the horrible chants of BLM before, whether it be “What do we want? Dead cops!” or “pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon!” and now they have a new one. As Breitbart reported:

At least one Black Lives Matter protester in Houston was reported to yell “F**k blue lives” while others chanted “Pig, pig, bang, bang.” The anti-police rhetoric came during a protest march in Houston’s predominantly black historic Third Ward on Saturday evening.
The protest began in McGregor Park after the release of the dashcam video by Charlotte, North Carolina, police showing the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, a black man, by a black police officer. On September 22, a white female officer in Tulsa was charged with first-degree manslaughter after she shot and killed Terence Crutcher. As reported by Breitbart News and the AP, Officer Betty Shelby was charged after dashcam and aerial footage showed the shooting and Crutcher walking away from the officer with his arms in the air. The footage does not include a clear view of when the officer fired the sole shot that killed the 40-year-old black man.

At one point, a confrontation developed between the protesters and police, according to the Houston Chronicle’s Keri Blakinger. The standoff occurred in a parking lot on the University of Houston campus. Ultimately, the protesters backed up and took a different path.

“F**k blue lives,” shouted one protester that Blakinger described as “particularly incensed.” She reported others chanting “Pig, pig, bang, bang.”

The protesters occasionally blocked street intersections remained peaceful and out of the flow of traffic during the protest.

These are the crazies that Hillary Clinton is sympathizing with. Is there any surprise that the largest police union in America endorsed Trump? Of course not.

BLM has only made racial tensions worse, and widened the divide between police and the public. This certainly will benefit Trump this election (and harm Hillary), but we can only hope that the damage they’ve done is reversible.

What do you all think? Isn’t it time for more of those representing us in Congress to denounce BLM as the terror group it is? Let us know in the comments and be sure to share this post on Facebook and Twitter.

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