Watch Black Lives Matter Thug Try to Argue “White Lives Matter Too Much”

Some in the Black Lives Matter movement maintain that the declaration isn’t meant to mean that other lives don’t matter, it’s that “black lives matter too.” Some are a bit more honest.

It’s no coincidence that they’re so offended by the more phrase “all lives matter.” If they actually believed as much, they wouldn’t be triggered into oblivion when its uttered. In fact, the polls show that the majority of african-Americans prefer to phrase “all lives matter” to “black lives matter,” so clearly it’s just crazies within the movement who have a problem with it.

One BLM protestor was spotted in the wild recently holding a sign stating “White Lives Matter Too Much.”

Her justification of her absurd sign went about as well as you’d expect.

Via Young Cons

“If a certain group is undervalued, that means another group has to be overvalued,” he explained. “We know that black and brown bodies are undervalued in our society. Maybe we should start thinking about not only who is undervalued but who is overvalued in our society.”

When asked if white lives are over-valued and should somehow be brought down, the protester motioned while holding one hand higher than another, “I think white lives are here. Black lives are here,” motioning lower, then while motioning with the high hand, “If this is it, then that’s too much.” Apparently this person thinks that equality can only be achieved by bringing people down, not lifting others up.

Who would’ve thought, the people calling for death to police, and black separatism, don’t think too highly of white lives?

Oh – and just a random thought, if Black Lives Matter actually cared about black lives, why aren’t they busy volunteering their time in Louisiana right now? There are plenty of black lives in need there – but I guess they don’t matter if they can’t be used to promote a political cause, and demonize another race.

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