WATCH: Black Lives Thugs Say This Cop Used Excessive Force… Then This Video Came Out!


Paige Taylor from Florida was charged for allegedly shoving a cop in March. The case has since been dropped by the Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney’s Office as this new video was released. Now that sounds really bad on the cop but here’s the real story that no one’s telling:

Late at night last March, Gage Moore (male) was driving a truck with the wrong license plate attached. PLUS Gage was driving with a suspended license. So he convinced the passenger, Paige Taylor to switch seats with him and look like she was the driver. Okay, folks.. first off the people in this car know they are doing something they shouldn’t so they were already riled up with attitude.

Deputy Wayne Wagner sees a vehicle with the wrong license plates attached and pulls over the truck. Now he’s not stupid, even at 9:30PM you can see when driver and passenger switch seats when your cop high beams are shining into your back window. So he too knew that these ‘suspects’ were doing something wrong.

What happens in the video doesn’t show Paige assaulting the cop but you do see her slamming the truck door and getting completely into his personal space. Police officers are trained about defensible space and she had crossed that line of safety for him. He turned her around to cuff her and then she turned and tumbled to the ground he fell on her. It does look a bit aggressive (my opinion) but we don’t know if she was being aggressive and that’s what was needed to take control of the situation. The video has 2 cuts in the middle where we miss something and obviously there is no sound. WATCH the video for yourself below but it’s clear as day the 2 in that truck that night in March were doing something wrong from the moment they switched seats. Moore was arrested at the scene and the vehicle impounded.

This VIDEO is awesome. Black Lives Matter- Facts Don’t Matter… it debunks the myths of recent black person vs. police officer events these past couple years. If you want a quick rundown of these stories WATCH HERE:

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