(Conservative Tribune) Threats against Missouri law enforcement and their families are escalating, according to St. Louis Police Union spokesman Jeff Roorda. Officers in Ferguson and St. Louis have reported receiving threats, reports Gateway Pundit.

Tensions between protesters and law enforcement officials there have been high ever sincethe fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown in August by a Ferguson police officer. The shooting has been a source of major controversy across the country, and the officer involved in the incident, Darren Wilson,  has recently spoken out, giving his account of the shooting for the first time.

Police have said little about the threats they have been receiving, but Roorda has spoken out against the behavior. “Threatening law enforcement is not freedom of speech…They want to be unabated in their attacks against law enforcement, mistreatment of facts and in their threats…These people are calling for violence against police officers,” he said.

Progressives Today contributor even captured video evidence of a New Black Panther member vowing to kill Ferguson officers.

One police officer allegedly contacted the employer of someone who threatened him on YouTube; the officer is now under investigation and he and his family are the targets of an endless series of threats and cyber-attacks.

From death threats, to Molotov cocktails, to cyber-attacks, these violent protestors will stop at nothing to do harm to those whose job it is to keep the public safe. The violence needs to stop.

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