WATCH: Black University Students Call For The BLOOD Of Whites – Media Dead Silent

Dear Mainstream Media,

There’s a group of racist people encouraging others to kill white people.

You probably missed it, so I’m posting the video for you here. I expect that you will cover this and make a huge fuss about it, warn white people to be careful, and talk down to the racist students in this terrible video.

This video is scary in so many ways. I don’t know why it’s not in the news already. I can’t believe these entitled a**holes just interrupted a college course at UCT, RUINED a class-worth of education and they threatened every white person in the area with their blood being spilled by method of murder.

I hope you, the mainstream media, watch this video and then make a huge story out of it. You do it for every other race, so maybe you should take equal rights and equal reporting into your own hands and do the right thing.

Show this to everyone.


— Everyone with a brain.

…the matter is not up for discussion, and that “we are instructing you”.

The student further states that black South Africans have no reason to live in peace with white South Africans.

The publication of the video comes soon after a WhatsApp voice note did the rounds at Wits, calling for a white student to be killed so the #FeesMustFall protests will be taken seriously.

When you’re racist and want people to take you serious, but threaten people and call for their blood to be spilled, then you should just be arrested and executed. If you had a point to make, and could make said point without being racist and interrupting learning, then maybe people will listen to you.

Not the idiots in that video. Nope. They’re just racist scum.

What purpose do you serve to the world when you’re at a college ruining smart kid’s classes with this racist nonsense. You interrupted education. You threatened and called for racist, murderous, violence against white people. You offer nothing productive to society except that I get to write about your idiocy.

If the people in this video were students at UCT, then I hope they were expelled. There’s no room for that stupidity in any college.

Oh, there’s also no room for violent racism either. I almost forgot that part, just like the mainstream media forgot to mention this video to the masses.

Have to rely on us to do that for them.

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