WATCH – Black Woman Explains Why We Need Trump, MILLIONS Are Spreading It!

Not many could say they saw this coming. This video has gone viral, and continues to take over. Which is a good thing for Trump supporters. This American woman is taking a stand and putting herself out there to share her thoughts. She is sick and tired in the existence of career politicians and is asking everyone to heed to her words when she urges us to vote for the outsider.

That outsider she is referring to is Donald Trump.

“Trump tells it like it is,” the woman proudly states on the now viral video. “He’s hip and, of course, he doesn’t take no S-H-I… you guys know what.”

I’d say this woman is pretty on point. Donald Trump is being attacked by the political elite and the public is falling to the trickery of the mainstream media. The man does not do ‘politically correct’ and that alone makes them wild with fear. That’s how they control the masses, and without that…they are powerless.

So of course they are freaking out that there is a candidate running for the Presidency that is ACTUALLY not a scheming cheat.

She is very firm on her stance that Trump is the type of person that cuts the crap and takes no mess, that he will go toe to toe with issues and power through them without having to heed to the caution of being politically correct.

That the only way to actually get things done.

“He knows how to give us those businesses, so we can have that stuff,” she adds, noting she and her peers “like the nice stuff.” Unlike Mitt Romney, Donald Trump has not been afraid to showcase his wealth and success.

She reminds people that America needs and has earned to have a businessman at the helm. These career politicians that have destroyed the foundation with their corrupt ways do not understand how the real world works. All they know is how to look for every opportunity to make themselves rich and seek out ways to make it happen out of sight of Americans. Greed is never satisfied and all they want is money and power.

This is why the good of the people has fallen wayside during their reign, NOTHING that actually makes a difference to better our country is being done!

Even she, as a black woman is sick of the way Democrats have treated Black Americans with their socialistic ways…of giving out free stuff, and making Americans lazy and thinking they are absolutely incapable of doing hard things. Thereby losing all sense of self-worth and never tasting the goodness of getting things done! There is zero progression in the world of Democrats…and that’s how they like their people. Braindead.

We don’t have to worry about a zombie apocalypse… it’s already here.

Who needs good for nothing zombies that just walk around brainlessly and spread disease through their mouths, when you got Liberals.

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