WATCH: Blacks Make STRONG Case To Vote For Trump (Hillary’s Crappin’ Her PANTSUIT)

If you watch the mainstream media you’d think that a Hillary Clinton win in November is a given. But recent video footage from CNN would indicate otherwise. Polls show that Donald Trump has a 1% hold over African Americans but this CNN video shows there are more African Americans who support him than people would like you to believe.

The video pans from the anchor talking to protestors who express their political leanings for the upcoming election to the camera. One African American man can be heard screaming,

We don’t got no jobs. We got babies too. I got a little girl. I can’t hardly support her. Oh no no, no no no.”

Another African American woman says in an exasperated voice,

“I’ve waken up. I’ve seen the truth and the truth is Trump I believe in this guy. He’s gonna make our country better because our country is going to hell. My daughter can’t find a job she’s a college graduate. Black men are fifty percent unemployed.”

One man can be seen taking a video of himself supporting Trump’s anti illegal alien policy saying,

There is too many illegal aliens there is too many and it’s just not right. And me on the other hand, I’m an auto worker. So I work in the factory. We get those people all the time that work in the factory. They use these fake social security card numbers or dead people’s social security numbers and these companies use these people. And they bring these people. I see it all the time. And they pay them real less to do work.”

Dr. Drew Pinsky speaks to another woman in a panel who says,

I’m angry because we’re being lied to. By the current group of politicians.”

In another video an African American smacks down a CNN reporter for race baiting,

If these voices mean anything to you you won’t vote for Hillary Clinton.

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