From Mad World News: A bank robber in New Jersey is using a burqa disguise as a means to commit a string of heists because police and bank personnel are too politically correct to stop the thief.[WATCH] Burqa Bandit Goes On Stealing Spree, Police Too PC To Stop It

Audubon police report the robber is a male who wears a full black burqa that is typically worn by Islamic women, which poses a problem for apprehension. Offices can’t seem to strike a balance between nabbing the crook while not profiling Muslims who wear burqas in banks, according to New Jersey news source

Customers seem to agree with the police’s political correctness. Alicia Manfredi belongs to Beneficial Bank — the latest target by the burqa bandit — and told KYW-TV, “What are you supposed to do, what are you supposed to say? Take that off’? ‘Let me see what’s underneath that burqa?”

Despite the fact that it’s disrespectful in itself for a man to dawn an Islamic woman’s religious garb, this thief is clearly taking advantage of tellers who would rather not be discriminatory than to ensure their own safety and assets of the financial institution.

Police have fought against claims of profiling for years and seem to back down in many cases to protect the sensitivities of those who cry foul for personal gain or to evade charges. However, Detective Robert Ferris working the burqa bandit case noted, “We’re not going after or looking at profiling other people that are wearing Muslim attire, we’re specifically looking for this one person,” KYW reported.

After the burqa-donned suspect hit a bank Wednesday by handing the teller a note that demanded cash, he managed to get away on foot before the dye pack in the money bag exploded and the suspect dropped the cash and ran off penniless.

Good thing dye packs discriminate since it seems to take an inanimate object to recover goods and not trained professionals with a specific job to do.

The suspect is believed to be involved in two other New Jersey bank robberies where witnesses from all three heists described him as a light-skinned male dressed in a black robe and head covering, not worn correctly.



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