WATCH! Can You Count How Many Times Hillary Played The Woman’s Card?

Does Hillary Clinton think we’re voting for her genitals?

It’s hard not to think that’s the case considering how often she plays the woman card, whereas she can brush off any criticisms as “misogyny.” To borrow a word from my liberal friends, being able to deflect all criticism based on gender is  quite a “privilege” that her competition isn’t afforded.

And why should we vote for her? Because she’d be the first woman president, of course.

Nobody seemed to care that Mitt Romney would’ve been the first Mormon President, Sanders the first Jewish President, or Trump the first billionaire in the Oval Office.

Just watch the video below, courtesy of Conservative Post:

And the best part? People are seeing right through this. According to HotAir, Hillary is now dropping the gender argument – after a study showed that nobody cared. I wouldn’t have needed a study to tell you that.

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