WATCH: Charlotte Rioters Beat Army Veteran, ‘You’re In The Danger Zone, White Boy!’

What do the rioters in Charlotte want? Ask a liberal and they’ll tell you an end to racist police brutality, but the facts of the police shooting that sparked the Charlotte riot betray that narrative. Yes – the man who was shot was black, but he was also armed and told to drop his weapon. Not only that, he was shot by a black police officer, making it impossible for race to play a role here (in fact, Black and Hispanic officers are more likely to shoot black suspects than whites).

The brother of the slain man, Keith Scott, told reporters that “all white people are f***ing devils” when asked for comment. How white people were responsible for the death of his brother remains a mystery.

It should be clear that the rioters want one thing, and that’s chaos. They’ll take any excuse to riot – and will attack anyone, even former members of our armed forces.

A video released online shows rioters in Charlotte, North Carolina, attacking a military veteran and then shouting at him “you’re in the danger zone, white boy!”

The video shows the vet being attacked by two black rioters. The man eventually flees while holding a hand over his injured face, while onlookers jeer. After the man jogs off, somebody can be heard shouting “You’re in the danger zone, white boy!”

Hannity reported:

A 7-year Army veteran was viciously beaten during the recent riots in Charlotte, and now his family is reaching out for help.

Ashley Brooke Warlick, Palmer’s sister, has set up a GoFundMe page to help supporter her brother who “has a fractued eye socket and multiple broken bones in his face” from to the beating.

Warlick writes on the page:

As most of you know, David was attacked during the Charlotte Riots on Wednesday night (September 21st). He had gotten separated from the group as things started to get serious and in his efforts to get back home he was jumped by 10 men that were attacking multiple victums and looting serveral businesses around the Epicentre. They stole his phone and caused bodily injuries, not to mention the mental toll that it has taken. This is David’s first year as a civilian after serving 7 years in the United States Army and also serving oversea’s. Not knowing how to adjust, he got a job as a barback at a local bar making quick cash until he starts school in the Spring. Needless to say, he is out of work and won’t be able to make money to pay his monthly bills for awhile.

The vet attacked had his phone stolen, and suffered a fractured eye socket as well as several broken bones in his face.

Why does the media still refer to these savages as “protestors”? It would even be an understatement to call them “rioters” at this point. They’re racists, and the media doesn’t want to report on it because they’re under the delusion that only whites can be racist.

The race riots we’ve seen under Obama prove otherwise.

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