WATCH: College Student ATTACKED For Wearing Unsafe Trump Hat; Then Gets OWNED on Freedom!

The world has gone completely insane. Liberals (primarily those of the anti-Trump brand) are the only people who will tell you to stop promoting violence while punching you in the face. The media loved to talk about violence at Trump rallies months ago, always neglecting to report that it was liberal protesters causing all the violence.

The latest freakout by one of the anti-Trump crazies didn’t even happen in the US, it happened in Canada. What exactly do those in Canada have to lose from Trump’s immigration policy remains a mystery, but one woman who couldn’t comprehend the difference between legal and illegal immigration freaked out anyway. Here’s the amusing footage, obtained courtesy of Conservative Outfitters:

Who thought that someone living in America’s Hat would be so triggered by a Trump Hat?

The woman in question later posted to Facebook “It was impossible to communicate to him why wearing a hat in support of a movement grown on the seeds of racism, bigotry and exclusion of diversity (sexual and cultural) could make some people afraid.” If there was anyone in this situation not capable of communicating anything to, it was her.

The rest of her post complaining about how she was videotaped throughout the whole ordeal is quite hilarious. To quote; “The video was posted and I made the mistake of reading the comments. I am so deeply saddened… I don’t want to draw anymore attention to the dysfunctional pawns that are being used by a system of power to oppress others. I do want to state that I stand by my belief that every space, but especially university spaces, should be made to make everyone feel SAFE. We need to seriously change our culture. We need to equally support and express movements and gestures of inclusive acceptance. I walked outside after the altercation, which ended up involving security and more concern for someone’s “private property” then about anti-oppression and overt racism, feeling totally hopeless.”

What is this trend across college campuses globally where adults WANT to be treated like coddled children?

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