WATCH: Congressman Disrespects Police Officer, Then Gowdy Shows Up and DEMOLISHES Him…

Under Obama’s watch, attacks on law enforcement have practically become mainstream.

Obama infamously stated that if he had a son, he would’ve looked like Trayvon Martin – an absurd statement to make. You’d think the President would like to think that if he had a son, it wouldn’t be a kid who decided to pound a member of his neighborhood watch’s head into the pavement. The same goes for his defense of Michael Brown, who robbed a convenient store and attempted to steal a police officer’s firearm before his death.

Under Obama’s presidency, we witnessed the worst single day for law enforcement since 9/11 when Micah Xavier ambushed a number of officers, shooting 14 and killing five officers. The White House was illuminated pink during breast cancer awareness month, and illuminated with rainbow colors when the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage – but when these officers were murdered in cold blood? Nothing.

Thank God there’s less than a month left to Obama’s presidency (which he’s mostly spending on vacation). Law enforcement are finally going to get the respect they deserve under Donald Trump.

Of course, not everyone in Obama’s now-Republican dominated government is on board with his anti-cop rhetoric. When one congressman attempted to disrespect police, Trey Gowdy ROASTED him.

Watch below, courtesy of the Young Cons

Congressman Trey Gowdy had some epic moments during 2015. One of them was when Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson was grilling a law enforcement officer over illegal immigration.

During a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on immigration, Johnson tried to accuse the officer  — Pinal County, Arizona, Sheriff Paul Babeau — of not supporting any immigration from “south of the border” — an accusation which Babeu vehemently denied.

Now that was awesome.

You’d think Democrats would’ve learned by now that Trey Gowdy is the LAST person they should mess with!

Imagine a White House with Donald Trump AND Gowdy to shut up liberals. Less than a month to go!

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