[WATCH] Courageous Woman Hijacks Stage at Oklahoma Muslim Day


Oklahoma Muslims don’t need a ‘Muslim Day’ stage something to show the citizens of Oklahoma who they are, they need to stop with the antics and start to fight against anyone perverting American Freedom. 

Those are the actions that we want to see, we do not give a damn about some fake rally. Actions speak louder than words, so I suggest if you’re a Muslin to begin speaking out against terrorist in your community. 

I wont hold my breath, its been 14 years since 9/11 and nothing has changed.  

(Mad World News) More than 100 Muslims attended the first “Muslim Day” at the Oklahoma State Capitol Friday to give people “a better understanding of who they are,” according to KFOR. However, Oklahomans know all too well just what Islam stands for, which is why they took their own stand against the controversial day.

Perhaps it’s the demand for foreign Sharia law to be implemented in America, or maybe it’s that southerners don’t take too kindly to how the Quran allows men to treat their women, or possibly it’s that insensitive Oklahoma Muslims had the audacity to make a spectacle of themselves so soon after a woman was beheaded in the name of their religion. Whatever the reason, it was a call to action for fed up patriots, and one woman in particular.

When the Muslim call to prayer began to bellow, a righteously indignant woman overtook the stage and started proclaiming the Lord’s Prayer, overpowering the nasally din.

“Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…” she professed before being hauled away by security:

Although unconfirmed, she appears to be the same woman who interrupted Muslims at the Texas State Capitol last month:

She also looks and sounds similar to the woman who disrupted the Muslim prayers inside the Washington National Cathedral in November:

Whoever this courageous Christian woman is, she has done more to stop the infiltration of Islam in America than our own civil servants sworn to uphold the Constitution, and for that we applaud her.

Islam does not seek to assimilate to Western culture or law; it cannot, as the Quran demands its followers use immigration and legislation to establish an Islamic caliphate in every country in the world. Muhammad declared that only when the entire globe bows to Sharia law can the Muslim community cease their jihad.

—Courtesy of Mad World News

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