WATCH – Cowboy’s EPIC Takedown of Anti-Trump Protesters Is Incredible, 5 MILLION Watching!

You may not know him by name, but chances are you’ve seen one of Chad Prather’s videos on the internet. Known for his rapid-fire, auctioneer-style delivery, he brings together humor and social commentary together. For the most pary, they’re truth-bombs in a world where politically correct insanity has dominated the culture. This man doesn’t mince words.

His latest target? The anti-Trump protestors wreaking havok across the nation as I write this. Of course, it’s a bit generous to refer to rioting thugs and criminals as “protestors.” The people holding up signs are protestors. The ones assaulting Trump supporters and setting cop cars on fire are criminals.

What motives these people? For as much as they’re complaining about a billionaire taking office, they’re motivated primarily by greed. As we reported earlier today, more than half of anti-Trump “protestors” arrested didn’t even vote in the election, and a Soros packed group has been paying agitators $15 an hour to protest (not a bad gig).

Now, here’s Prather’s take, courtesy of Angry Patriot Movement:

“Let’s talk about these protesting college kids. Good for you, great job exercising your First Amendment rights,”Prather, begins. “Now, I’m gonna exercise mine… I remember when I was in college and thought I knew everything too.”

Then it starts to get good.

“What are you protesting? The American political process? The Electoral College? The Constitution?” he continues.

“Noooo, you just didn’t get your way,” he says answering his own question. “Get back into Starbucks and complain about your latte order.”

Admittedly, I don’t know how they’re going to be expected to complain about their latte order when most college liberals have retreated to their safe spaces. I just wish they’d stay there.


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