WATCH! This Dem Whipped Out His iPhone On Live TV And Told America The 1 Thing Obama Told Him to NEVER Say!

Ever since Obama got busted for spying on Donald Trump during the final months of his presidency, most Democrats have been rallying around the former president, viciously attacking and calling everyone liars, despite the insane amount of evidence that continues to emerge. But unfortunately for Obama, there’s one Democrat that just dropped a major bombshell about the disturbing thing that happened to him while working underneath Obama back in 2011. This information is so damning for Obama, that it will surely change the game in the days and weeks to come.

It’s always entertaining when Democrats start eating their own. And despite not sharing President Trump’s views on many policies, there’s one thing that former Congressman Dennis Kecinich is sure of: he too was the victim of Obama’s wiretapping antics. But the reason that he was spied on during the Obama Administration is where the story takes a dark and chilling turn.

In an interview with Fox & Friends, Kucinich said that during Obama’s presidency, that he became a vocal opponent against Obama’s war against Libya, challenging the administration’s efforts head-on. But in a manner all too typical of Obama, as soon as he found someone going against him, that’s when all hell broke lose. In the same exact manner that he did with Trump, Obama dispatched his intel agencies to bug the Congressman’s phone, where the Kucinich’s entire phone conversation with a foreign leader was then leaked to the New York Times!

“I was wiretapped in 2011 after taking a phone call in my congressional office from a foreign leader,” Kucinich relayed to Fox News.

“I believe the tape was made by an American intelligence agency and then leaked to the Times for political reasons. If so, this episode represented a gross violation of the separation of powers,” he said.

“At the time I was leading efforts in the House to challenge the Obama administration’s war against Libya,” Kucinich noted.

In an interview on USA radio, Kucinich said he didn’t learn he had been spied on until two years after the fact when he was approached by a Washington Times reporter who had a complete audio tape of the call he had made back in 2011 with Saif el-Islam Qaddafi, a son of former Libyan ruler Moammar Qaddafi. Without a doubt, Kucinich says that Obama would’ve abused his presidential powers to spy on Trump as well.

“Now, if they can do that to a member of Congress, they can certainly do it to a presidential candidate and they can do it to private citizens as well. Hello, America,” he added.

“The reporters did not say, nor did I ask, who had made the tape. But the paper’s stories referenced ‘secret audio recordings recovered from Tripoli,’” Kucinich wrote.

“I have only my suspicions about their true provenance. The quality of the recordings was excellent on both ends of the call,” he wrote.

“I believe the tape was made by an American intelligence agency and then leaked to the Times for political reasons. If so, this episode represented a gross violation of the separation of powers,” he added.

“I cannot say with assurance that my Libya call was the only one intercepted,” he said, noting that Freedom of Information requests he filed have never been answered.

“I have never gone public with this story, but when I saw the derision with which President Trump’s claims were greeted—and notwithstanding our political differences—I felt I should share my experience,” he wrote.

“When the president raised the question of wiretapping on his phones in Trump Tower, he was challenged to prove that such a thing could happen. It happened to me.”

This is an absolute game-changer for Obama, not to mention an PR nightmare. It appears as though Obama’s wiretapping scandals go back quite a long ways! What other people in Washington who dared to go against Obama had their privacy violated? How many other times has Obama broken the law and illegally spied on his political opponents?

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