A despicable thief was recently caught on tape snagging a veteran donation box, and he apparently came prepared to do so. Unfortunately for the criminal, he has been officially caught and sentenced to 18 weeks behind bars.

It all started with a plea from UK officials who released security cam footage of 26-year-old Lewis Healy – who was unknown at the time – cutting the security cord from a donation canister and sneakily walking away with it under his coat. As it turns out, that canister was intended for what is known as “The Poppy Appeal” of the Royal British Legion, where funds donated go directly to helping British veterans.

According to Express:

The boxes are believed to have contained over £100 each as the public donated to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War One.

Poppy Appeal coordinator, Louise Purcell, has since dubbed Healy as “disgusting,” saying:

This year the boxes could have a lot of money in them as it is the anniversary of the start of the First World War and the 70th anniversary since D-Day.

These people laid down their lives for this country and it is disgusting someone could take money that should go to veterans and their beneficiaries.

He is stealing directly from the veterans’ pockets.

After tracking down the culprit, authorities charged the man with the theft of two veteran donation boxes as well as “goods worth £89 from a Boots shop,” and he was sentenced to 6 weeks behind bars for each of his 3 crimes.

Apparently, Healy isn’t the only despicable criminal putting their grubby hands on the donation canisters. As Express explains:

Officers are also hunting a couple in connection with the theft of another Poppy Appeal box from a Co-op in nearby Waterlooville.

Anyone with information about the other thefts should contact Hampshire Police or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

In total, four boxes have been taken from stores around Southsea in Portsmouth, including the two stolen by Healy.

The couple in question were caught on camera in the image below. Considering her apparel, clean appearance, and healthy weight, it doesn’t appear she’s in dire need of the money intended for others.

[Watch] ‘Disgusting’ Criminals Stealing Veteran Donation Boxes

As expected, there is outrage from local veterans and their supporters.

Harry Marrington, 90, who served in the Royal Navy and was on transport ship MT Olvina on D-Day, said: “The culprits should be taken across the Channel and shown camps where things happened, like the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

“I cannot describe the horrors that happened there. It is beyond anything you could ever imagine.

“Thefts like this hurt me. I have not led a perfect life but this is low.”

Olive Rush, 72, who has collected for the Royal British Legion for 30 years, said: “It is an utter disgrace.”

Richard Brown, 77, the Waterlooville Poppy Appeal coordinator, added: “It is despicable.”  (Express)

Although this is not about American veterans, the British were our allies in both World Wars. That being said, do the actions of these criminals even further disgust you? These thieves aren’t just stealing, they are stealing from veterans like our own that risked life and limb to fight for freedom.

Tell us what you think of this outright display of disrespect and selfishness in the comments.


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