A very disturbing video of a police officer attempting to destroy evidence while arresting a peaceful protester for “Open Carry” has emerged.

In a video from the “Open Carry Texas” rally in Houston, a man is confronted by cops. The police point to the man’s gun, which is legal in the state of Texas, and states, “You know you are scaring people with that,” referring to the rifle out of camera shot. The man tells the police he is leaving, which leads to this:

Despite recording equipment present in the police vehicles and being part of the safety equipment issued by the Houston Police Department, you can clearly hear the officer say, “No we don’t record nothing,” and the officer attempts to delete the footage from the individual (who wishes to remain anonymous) which could be used against them in a court of law.

As Renee Nal and KHOU point out, the clear violation of both the First and Second Amendment of the US Constitution by this officer is being investigated as a result of this video.

The local news outlet KHOU 11 reported that the officer is thankfully “under investigation” for wrongfully detaining a man who was clearly demonstrating his First and Second Amendment rights. The police officer was also violating the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.

The local news reported that the man said, “I was standing there with me sign that said America bring back the common law juries…I had my rifle slung across my shoulder, laying on the side of my hip.” (Brenner Brief)

There was no threat or threat of violence. The police officer is said to react to the fact that the man in the video is a supporter of the “Texas Open Carry” movement, which is an attempt to point out that it is legal to open carry long rifles and antique firearms, but not a hand gun, in the state of Texas.

Newly Elected Governor Greg Abbott supports the Open Cary movement and has stated he will sign legislation to change this antiquated law as soon as it arrives on the Governor’s desk.

Its almost a catch 22 in this video. While armed in the state of Texas, you must have ID present with you. However, it is illegal to harass or force one to present ID unless one is suspected, beyond a reasonable doubt, that a crime had been committed, which peacefully assembling or bearing arms is not a crime. It is also highly suspect, if not a felony in itself, to attempt to destroy evidence in any case.

The officer clearly attempts to erase the video and even tries to employ the help of his fellow officer to violate legal statutes he swore to enforce.

The right to peacefully assemble and the right to bear arms are clearly covered in the First and Second Amendment of the US Constitution. There were no threats of harm. There was no pointing of firearms at others. There was no probable cause to break up the assembly.

While the gentleman may have been required to have a form of identification by law, there is no reason for the police officer to violate the law because he politically does not agree with the protest. Thankfully, the officer is now under investigation due to the viral video.

What do you think? Was the officer in the wrong? How much other evidence had he tampered with in the past? Was this all the fault of the man for not presenting ID even though the officer had illegally broken up a peaceful assembly against the Constitution?

Let us know in your comments below.

Courtesy of Mad World News

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