(From Mad World News) Crooked police stories constantly circulate social media and for good reason as it’s important to hold officers accountable if they abuse their power. However, sometimes the filmmaker needs to be held accountable for falsely claiming a cop is acting inappropriately.

Raymond Morgan was pulled over by New Jersey police for a traffic violation when he began to film his interaction with the officer — and apparently employed his best dramatic skills. Morgan posted the video to YouTube calling out the cop for abuse of power, noting the officer was “clearly wrong” and encouraged social media users to make it “go viral.”

It went viral but for the opposite reason Morgan had intended — his absurd claims and irrational response backfired on him.

Morgan is heard on the video yelling, ”I’m not trying to be a d**k here,” as he argues that he should not have been pulled over.

The cop calmly explained that he was pulled over because the passenger was not wearing his seatbelt properly, in addition to the driver flicking ashes out of his truck. But most significantly the officer informed the driver that his rear view was obstructed by the massive load he was carrying.

This is what he had in the back of his truck:

[WATCH] Driver Goes CRAZY on Cop for What's in the Back of His Truck

“There is nothing hanging out of that!” the man shouts, taking the camera around the back of the truck. “There is nothing wrong with that!”

The video made it to Reddit where hundreds of commenters point out the obvious: That the cop remains calm during the encounter, and the man yelling at him doesn’t seem to be justified.

“As soon as I saw the mountain of s**t in the back of the truck I lost it,” one commenter wrote on Reddit. “What a dumba**!! That looks so unstable.”

Decide for yourself after watching the infamous video below if it was the officer or the driver in the wrong:

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