As our nation’s electors convened yesterday, they were met by hordes of liberal (presumably unemployed) protestors who tried to shame them against voting for Donald Trump.

MSNBC showed a clip on Monday of protesters in Madison, Wisconsin having meltdowns after the state’s presidential electors officially voted for Donald Trump, making him the winner in the key battleground state. The votes are ten votes for Donald J. Trump,” said Brad Courtney, the chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party who also chaired Monday’s Electoral College meeting. As he said that, he was met by a chorus of boos, chants of “shame,” and a woman who looks like a cat lady got up, started shouting, and was promptly escorted out.

“This is my America!” she yelled.

The electors meanwhile, had a different attitude.

Those in North Carolina had a chant of their own as they marched to vote – and

As Truthfeed reported:

In a moving and powerful symbolic gesture, 15 NC Electors held a banner reading “Thank you President-elect Donald J. Trump. Make America great again” while singing “God Bless America” on their way to vote.

Watch below:

Hilariously, while there was pressure put on electors who were supposed to vote Trump to vote for anyone else, only two electors defected from Trump. And from Hillary? Five voted for other candidates.

I can’t imagine anyone seriously expected enough electors to flip to change the outcome of the election. At least 36 electors would’ve needed to defect from electors, which would be unprecedented. Those who flipped likely wouldn’t want to deal with the social consequences of defecting and costing Trump the election anyway.

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