WATCH: Epic Minority Rally Sends BRUTAL Message Straight To Hillary Clinton

Queen of pandering Hillary Clinton, and many of her loony lib supporters have it in their mind that when it comes to the black American vote, she is the golden child.

I’m happy to report that is untrue.

Just recently there was a minority rally, where a black American man identified himself as ….wait for it.

“Michael the Black Man”

Isn’t that great? Love it.

Anywho, he sent a message to Clinton and her Democrats nationwide at this rally, and it’s definitely one that might be keeping them up at night. That is if they have a soul and feel things. So that’s questionable.

Michael the black man and his closest friends, were filmed in a video where they wore t-shirts that read…

“Trump and Republicans Are Not Racist”

Isn’t that a beautiful thing!! That vision is Hillary’s WORST nightmare…come true.

In this video Michael the black man says he is going to vote for Trump in November, and that people who are mouthing off saying that Trump is racist are absolutely wrong. That assumption is LIES LIES LIES!

He says there are many black leaders who are taking a stand against Hillary working to bring the truth to light. However, we all know that the mainstream media denies, ignores, and covers any truth they don’t want getting out, and that’s EXACTLY what is happening with the truth about black voters.

Michael the black guy…is awesome, and he is urging other black voters to take their place and stand behind him in his fight to prove Hillary is a liar and Trump should get their votes in November.

Check out this video for yourself…

Man, it just seems like lately, Hillary’s skeletons are full on marching out of the closet saying… I’M HERE! I’M HERE!

That’s the thing about being a rotten person… Karma will eventually come around with the ULTIMATE Mary Poppins bag of consequences.

It’s always just better to be a good person. You know.. integrity, honesty, kindness, all that good stuff that cannot be used to describe Hillary Clinton.

…because she’s Satan.

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