A former Infantryman from Easy Co 2/506 was shopping at Oxford Valley Mall in Pennsylvania when he noticed a man dressed as a Ranger, but some patches were amiss on his uniform. The veteran, Ryan, confronted the fake Ranger with some basic questions about his service that he should have been able to answer with ease. However, he failed the test — miserably.

The poser was wearing a CIB with three stars that he attempted to tell Ryan that he got all from Iraq and Afghanistan, which is impossible since you can only get one star for both campaigns. The wannabe Ranger did a decent job at holding it together through the fury of questions in the beginning, which is presumably a practice he’s been in with a lot of experience pulling this scam. The purpose of him stealing valor this day was to cash in on some Black Friday deals intended for veterans.

Ryan has every right to be upset at this man and other fakes since he served our country and has friends who lost their lives in defending freedom. This video was submitted to Stolen Valor, a Facebook page dedicated to exposing impostors of patriotism.

Courtesy of Mad World News

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