From Mad World News: The Oklahoma beheader is recovering from a gunshot wound inflicted on him by a reserve deputy who witnessed the brutal attack and stopped him from beheading a second victim. Upon the suspect’s arrival to OU Medical, an altercation broke out between the beheader’s family and officers at the hospital — an acquaintance of the suspect caught the tense moment on tape.

Tempers flared as several of Alton Nolen’s family members were confronted by police officers after trying to visit different areas of the hospital. An onlooker to the argument, Edward Cargle, who also knows the Nolen’s from church, recorded the fight.

Cargle was unaware of the beheadings at the time the video was captured because he had been in the hospital with his ill wife, KFOR reported.

When Cargle saw the Nolen’s at the hospital, he asked if they wanted to visit his wife while they were there. That’s when officers stepped in and said the family could not leave their supervision, according to the report.

Nurses and officers thought Cargle was attempting to sneak Nolen’s family members in to see their son, who they had not had a chance to question since the beheading and subsequent shots fired.

“One of the first things the nurse said was, you have to understand our perception,” Cargle said. “It looks like you’re trying to sneak her back here. I said are you serious?”

In the video, a nurse says, “They’ve been up here for hours trying to get in.”

At the time, Cargle didn’t understand why the Nolens couldn’t just visit with his wife. He’s heard saying, “I don’t know what ya’ll have going on over here and I don’t care what you have going on over here,” says Cargle. “We want to go see my wife and pray.”

The nurse says, “You don’t understand what has taken place today.”

Carlge told the news station Thursday night he had no idea what was going on or why there were so many police officers in the hospital, but he knew it was serious.

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