WATCH: Fox News Host Goes OFF On Live TV – Viewers Can’t Believe What They Saw

Next time a liberal tells you about how far FOX News is too the right, you can show them Shepard Smith as Exhibit A in why that’s hardly the case. FOX doesn’t just have liberals on their show to debate (while MSNBC will rarely have conservatives on to represent their position), they hire liberals are hosts too.

The man is hardly fair and balanced, but at least he keeps the network balanced.

That being said, while he’s pretty center of the road for a liberal, he does say something completely outrageous from time to time. More recently this was in relation to voter ID laws, where he completely bought the liberal narrative that the only point of voter ID is to suppress minority voters.

In fact, the point of voter ID laws is to work as they’re advertised… to eliminate voter fraud. You need a photo ID to see an R-rated movie, buy alcohol, rent a hotel room, rent a car, apply for Medicaid and Social Security, apply for unemployment, or get on an airplane. The list goes on – and the only thing missing is “to vote.”

Back to Smith, he reported on the U.S. Supreme Court’s 4-4 deicision to not reinstate portions of North Carolina’s voter ID law, commenting that “North Carolina had put in one of those ‘You have to show an ID’ rules, which so often in Republican states are designed to keep some minorities from coming out and being able to vote, and they tried to reduce the number of voting days.”

You can watch what he has to say for himself below (in a video obtained courtesy of Western Journalism).

Oh, and he’s completely full of it by the way. In the 2012 election, black voter turnout exceeded that of white voter turnout – even in States with strict voter ID laws. Additionally, 77 percent of Blacks and Hispanics support voter ID laws – are we supposed to believe that they don’t want themselves to vote?


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