WATCH: Fox News Host Plays Race Card On Ben Carson Over Trump… Then Carson NAILS It


Liberals have long played the race card, but it’s been on full display this election season. The Left has blasted Trump as a racist all throughout the media, because apparently daring to enforce our nation’s immigration laws and combat terrorism now qualify as racism. The criteria for “racism” has become a bit more lax since the 1960s.

We expect this from liberals, who race bait to avoid arguments and draw demographics to their side by convincing them that the other Party is against them, but normally you wouldn’t expect such race baiting from conservatives.

Appearing on Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday, Ben Carson was asked “Do you worry that you’re being used as a prop for black voters and that supporting Donald Trump will end up hurting your credibility in the black community?”

As for Carson’s response, Western Journalism reports:

“It’s not about me. I said a long time ago, it’s not about me, it’s about our nation,” the soft-spoken Carson shot back.

Pointing out the hypocrisy from those who criticize Trump, Carson reminded Wallace that in 1995, former President Bill Clinton used his State of the Union address to focus on illegal immigration.

“He said, illegal aliens are creating big problems for us and we’re going to put a lot more border patrol people on and secure our borders and we’re not going to have people able to work who come in illegally. We’re going to cut off their welfare benefits and we’re going to deport people in record numbers,” Carson said.

“You know, he says basically the same thing, but when he says it, wow, great, standing ovation, this is a great president. But when Trump says it, it’s hate speech. What hypocrisy! What incredible hypocrisy,” Carson added.

When it comes to race, conservatives just can’t win in the media. If Republicans don’t attract any black supporters, it’s because they’re racists, and if they do attract black support, they’re just props to cover up the fact that they’re racist. It’s a heads you win tails you lose game that the media loves to play.

They must be neglecting history. It wasn’t Democrats that ended slavery, passed the Reconstruction Amendments, and the 1964 Civil Rights Act (which a larger percentage of Republicans than Democrats voted for). They were too busy defending Jim Crow laws to all agree on the latter Act.

I’ll never understand why anyone would think that the Republican Party is racist. Earlier this year, Japanese-American actor George Takei attacked Clarence Thomas as an “uncle tom.” Since Takei actually was held in an internment camp in his youth during WWII, the difference between the two is that Takei votes for the Party that put him in a camp, while people like Thomas and Carson vote for a Party that freed their ancestors. Now, who is really the unreasonable one here?