WATCH What Geraldo Does When Out Of Control Black Lives Thugs Pour Water On His Head (VIDEO)

Geraldo-Rivera 2

Oh Geraldo, Geraldo…what is with you and crazy confrontations? It’s happened again, and this time with a group of Black Lives Matter group right in front of the Democratic National Convention this last Tuesday.

He’s a ‘journalist’ and so he was walking the streets, interviewing protesters. Some of them were alright with the interview he gave them, others…well, let’s just say, did not see eye to eye with him.

Hannity wanted to get the scoop on what had went down so he asked…

“What was your experience with Black Lives Matter today?” Hannity asked.

“What happened to us covering the Black Lives Matter at City Hall was very aggressive,” Rivera said. “They came at us with an attitude ‘F you Fox News,’ this, that and the other thing.”

Apparently, while one was scolding Rivera, telling him that he “hurts people” with the way he reports, another low life ran up behind him and doused him with a bottle of water.

Geraldo acted quickly spinning around and taking after the guy, just to get grabbed by security and pulled away from the crowd…a crowd chanting:

“Shame! Shame! Shame!”

Another person is heard shouting… “You are not welcome here!”

You actually almost feel bad for the guy. Almost.

He went on to share a few thoughts of his own, that actually make quite a lot of sense…

“They don’t know what they believe in, half of them,” Rivera said of the rabble-rousers. “They are just bullies… that don’t really care about free press.”

Check it out for yourself!

Wow, so protesters can do as they please, but others just have to stand there and take it from them? That what I gathered from how the security responded. That’s water pour was not like a fast splash and go, the protester stood there pouring it for awhile. How does security react to Gerald’s reaction…yet the protester got his kicks in. Maybe just a fluke on timing, but still obnoxious.

Either way, Geraldo isn’t a stranger to confrontation, so I’m sure he’ll be just fine until the next time. Those protesters though…need to go slap themselves. Then try to find something they actually stand for, instead of this made up crap about being entitled.