WATCH How The Great Lauren Southern Makes A SJW Cry…With WORDS! (VIDEO)


This is so damn funny. Nothing like seeing a whiner crying like a b*tch. If you haven’t already… follow Lauren Southern on twitter. She is a must follow!

All these SJWs are nothing but whiners that believe everyone should bow down to them. Yeah, I don’t think so. Nice to see someone put one of them in their place. Leftism is such a disease.

From Louder With Crowder

Lauren Southern is a favorite of ours here at LwC (see Lauren Southern Talks #Brexit Violence and Muslim Demographics in Europe and Lauren Southern Talks Boobs, Feminists and Immigration on #LwC), and this tweet is a reason why.

Read below to learn about what set this off, but first, LOL so hard at the reaction…


So here’s the rundown from what I can best tell so far: the protestors went to the police – there to protect people from actual violence – to try to get Lauren removed (if not arrested) because they didn’t like the words she was using. And OMG, LOOK! SHE MADE US CRY! WE NEED TO BE PROTECTED! Read More

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