From Mad World News:
[WATCH] Grieving NFL Player In Tears After What Opposing Team's Cheerleaders Do

When the cheerleaders for the New England Patriots singled out a player from the opposing team with their rally cry of support on game day against the Cincinnati Bengals, that player from the rival team was reduced to tears.

Cincinnati’s Devon Still’s young daughter is currently battling cancer. In honor of this brave young girl, the cheerleaders for the Patriots donned Bengals jerseys bearing Still’s number 75 in a public show of support for his devastatingly ill daughter fighting cancer, Mail Onlinereported.

The cheer squad showed their support for pediatric cancer research with a choreographed routine to pop-singer Sara Bareilles’ up-beat song titled “Brave.”

In addition to the support of the cheerleaders and rally of public sponsorship to the player’s cause, Patriots owner Robert Kraft said he would add $25,000 to the collective donation to be paid directly to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

The financial support for the Bengals player reached beyond what Still could ever imagine, especially in light of his daughter’s latest in-hospital health scare. Still’s team owner maintains that the team’s roster will follow the player to allow him to maintain his health insurance as his daughter battles cancer. Further, the team’s revenue from Still’s jersey sales in retail stores has been donated to cancer research, the report stated.

This is a true demonstration of exemplary sportsmanship. Translating this attitude to any opposition in life would be a positive change in an otherwise negative world.

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