Watch What Happens When A 68 Year-Old Trump Fan Catches a Young Bernie PUNK Burning an American Flag

Only in America can you burn the American flag without consequence (most of the time).

You’ll see protestors at Donald Trump’s rallies waving around Mexican flags (which is ironic, because none of these people want to live in Mexico), but if someone were to wave around an American flag during a protest in Mexico I think we can all imagine how that would end.

In America, the consequences wouldn’t be as dire. Our freedoms protect your right to burn an American flag – even if it’s a stupid thing to do. Still, there’s nothing more satisfying than when one of these idiots burning a flag gets a taste of their own medicine.

One of those such incidents happened recently.

The Blaze reports:

Donald Trump supporters were protesting before a Hillary Clinton rally in Pittsburgh Saturday afternoon when a man approached and tried burning an American flag in close proximity to them, Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Emily Schaffer told TribLive.

Didn’t go over too well.

Fearing for the group’s safety, one of the Trump supporters — 68-year-old Richard Dillon, wearing a backpack in the below photo — tried grabbing the flag from the man who police identified as 23-year-old Joshua Sturman.

Image source: YouTube

Cellphone video captured from a distance what happened next, as the 23-year-old tackled the 68-year-old into a planter and brought them both to the sidewalk.

Image source: YouTube

“Get off of him! Get off of him!” Trump supporters yelled at Sturman, who had been wearing a red bandana over his face.

Not only did he try to burn a flag – he also assaulted a Donald Trump supporter. We’ve heard countless stories of Trump supporters being assaulted by protestors while law enforcement officers did nothing, and they’ve had enough.

It’s about time they fought back. And to the flag burner: good riddance.

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