WATCH What Happens When BROKE Black Thugs Begging For Money Are Told ‘No’

So..if Obama had 2 sons. This is despicable. Welcome to the new fundamentally transformed America. This is the type of crap the left wants. This is what they create. Animalistic behavior disgust me.

Imagine if this guy was armed. If I saw someone doing that to my car..they would have been bye bye. Be careful when panhandlers approach you. In fact.. be armed!

From ABC13

A Texas man and his business partner went for a food run Monday morning hoping to kick off the week with some apple fritters — and instead got a bitter surprise.

As Mike Markiewicz and his partner approached Shipley Do-Nuts in Houston, they were greeted by two panhandlers asking them for money. When both men said no, the panhandlers got nasty.

“He said, ‘Is that your car?’ and then he got on the hood of my car,” Markiewicz told KTRK-TV.

Markiewicz managed to snap a photo and record a video from inside the shop, showing one of the panhandlers posing on the hood of his vehicle.

“I had no idea what to think, I just knew I had to get some kind of photo evidence,” he told KTRK. “I didn’t know if the guy had a gun or anything. I wasn’t about to go after him.”

At one point the video shows one of the panhandlers pulling out a knife and slashing Markiewicz’s tire.

“It was just so absurd I didn’t even know how to react,” Markiewicz said. “It was a circus.” Read More


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