Watch What Happens on CNN Anytime Someone Criticizes Hillary, Have You Noticed it Too? (VIDEO)

I didn’t realize CNN was THIS FAR up Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit until I watched this video.

It’s a compilation video from wonderful Redditor’s who pointed out how badly CNN hates when anyone criticizes Hillary Clinton. The video highlights CNN anchors and hosts cutting off anyone who has a different opinion of Hillary. What good is a leader who cannot take criticism and use it to grow their character for the better? What good is a fan base who can’t accept different opinions.

Watch this awesome video of CNN milking the teets of the pantsuit Queen.

Conservative Outfitters – Reddit users on the popular subreddit /r/The_Donald helped contribute to a new video documenting censorship of Hillary Clinton critics. The video appears to show multiple instances of CNN cutting off people criticizing Hillary. There are over 10 minutes worth of examples. If you have something to add please leave a comment.

Wow! Ten minutes of cutoffs! I’ve heard of the mic drop, but now the MIC CUT!

Amazing coverage and compilation by the Reddit group who supports Donald Trump.

Look what happens when your opinion is different than CNN’s! If you’re not an extreme leftist, then CNN might cut you off. Then they’ll spin the words of whatever the person said and make it seem impossible for whatever that person said to be true.

Does this mean CNN is an extreme leftist? I thought they were a bit on the left, but I didn’t think they were this bad. Is it CNN as a whole, or just these specific anchors and hosts?

This video is extremely eye opening and shows us how specific hosts are extremely defensive of Democrats.

I love Reddit and I’m very happy to share this video. If you’re on Reddit, then please up-vote this page so we can get even more eyes on the video.

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