WATCH What Happens After German Politician Vows To Arrest Citizens Criticizing Muslim Refugees..WOW!!

Hundreds of German patriots protested and attacked Heiko Maaas yesterday, the German Minister of Justice who promised to arrest and prosecute any and all German citizens who would criticize the “refugee” invasion of Germany. The protests were so aggressive that he had to be escorted away by DOZENS of police officers for his safety.


With whistles and booing protesters have disrupted the concert of German Justice Minister Heiko Maas at a rally May Day in Zwickau. The union there was a group from the right political spectrum.The speaker’s platform had to be protected by the police. But there have be no physical altercations, said a police spokesman.

According MDR drowned about 100 demonstrators the Minister with whistles, “traitors” – and “Maas must go” chants. Accordingly, the SPD politician had shortened hisB speech and had the rally immediately thereafter, followed by “We are the people” chants.

The DGB chairman of Southwest Saxony region, Sabine Zimmermann, was horrified. “I have never experienced that at a union rally at a May 1, the stage will be protected by the police must,” she said. yet it had been kept all the words. The DGB his right to an event on May 1 will not let take.

People correctly say that Germany is dying as nation right now, and that is true- to a point. The other side is that by the fact of these protests, Merkel’s “neue Deutschland” is on life support right now. And things are not going to get better in Germany for the near future.

There is going to be a civil war in Germany in the next few years, and it will be this war that determine the nation’s future.

But what will not endure is Chancellor Merkel’s planned “vision” for what she had for Germany. After all is said and done, Merkel may consider herself very lucky if, as some major German politicians have already suggested, Merkel is able to flee to South America and able to live out the rest of her life instead of “hanging out” in Germany, like what Mussolini did in Italy after World War II:

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