WATCH What Happens When Neighborhood Watch Takes On A Thieving Muslim Migrant (Video)

Islam is a cancer on humanity. Until Islam is reformed.. it needs to be banned worldwide. Now…I’m not really for banning things..but when it comes to barbaric things done in the name of Islam… it needs to be banned.

I hope Europe wakes up before it’s too late. Some people say it’s already too late…but I don’t believe anything is every over until the people RISE up and take it back..It can be done.

From Downtrend

In Germany, the influx of refugees has created such an increase in theft and problems that they now have to rely on neighborhood watch groups to keep people safe.

LiveLeak described what went on:

A refugee doesn’t want to pay in a supermarket and doesn’t want to give back 2 bottles (of wine?) to one of the supermarket employees. Instead he argues and argues and argues in his native language and holds tight to the 2 bottles.
The supermarket employees tell the refugee thief multiple times to hand over the 2 bottles. He refuses. Read More

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