WATCH: What Happens When PA Won’t Play National Anthem… Still Hope for America

It all started with Colin Kaepernick, who became the worlds biggest jerk when he sat down during the National Anthem for one of his games. Then he went to taking a knee during the National Anthem…and since, that sick act has seems to be spreading like a plague.

School football teams are taking a knee, and now cheerleaders are following suit. Now more recently a high school in Oakland, CA took to the ground laying on their backs with the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ symbol that was made famous by terrorist group, Blacklivesmatter. The kicker to this story is….Kaepernick was there visiting during that game, and he was right beside them on his knee during the National Anthem.

It’s just…we could really use some good news right now on this front, ya know?

Well, it’s a good day today, because that is exactly the type of news I am here to report to you now.

In San Antonio, Texas, there is a High School, Holmes High School, where during a pre-volleyball game, the national anthem was played by recording and mid-way through…it stopped working.

Without hesitation, volleyball player, Marina Garcia stepped up to take her place as an American to perform the national anthem all by herself, and she did it acappella.

Garcia is a high school senior at the school and she took to the mic like a superstar! You can bet yourself that amidst all the controversy happening now in our country regarding the national anthem, that her actions filled this high school gym with patriotic goosebumps.

When this young lady finished, the gym EXPLODED with cheering and good ‘ol fashioned American pride.

The video of this event is on its’ way to going viral now.

“No music, no prep time, no problem!” wrote Northside Independent School District on Facebook. “When a recording of the National Anthem didn’t work at the Holmes HS volleyball game, one of the players stepped up and delivered an amazing rendition to the delight of her teammates and the audience. Marina, you are definitely #NISDStrong!”

“Hello everyone,” wrote her mother, “Marina is my daughter. We thank you for all of your comments about this unexpected performance. Marina is a senior @ HHS and makes us very proud with her God given talent. Thanks again!”

This is what we need right now. Americans that respect our nation’s heroes and their sacrifices making the news.

God Bless America!

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