Watch What Happens After Pissed Patriots See REPULSIVE Footage Of What Happened To Elderly Vet On The Floor of VA!

As if surviving on the battlefield overseas isn’t hard enough, our soldiers then have another battle to fight in navigating the Veterans Administration for care afterward.

The VA became a subject of scandal after news broke there was a systemic attempt to manipulate the data regarding their wait times to cover up their true length. They’ve continued to remain in the headlines since then.

According to a report by the VA’s inspector general published last year, over 307,000 veterans had waited for care from the organization. Another 866,879 records were marked “pending. The report also found that VA staffers commonly marked unprocessed applications incorrectly, and may have deleted over 10,000 records in the past five years.

Hilariously, prior to these revelations liberals were praising the VA as a model for a system of socialized medicine. In reality, it’s a sad and frustrating reminder how healthcare is run when it’s in the government’s hands.

And just wait until you see their latest scandal…

As WSB-TV reported: A couple posted photos on Facebook and said veterans waited for hours in pain inside the Durham VA Medical Center. Stephen McMenamin, a former U.S. Marine, was there for treatment, and his wife took the pictures.

View below:


“My wife found it upsetting, so she took a couple pictures,” he said.

He said a veteran on the ground was using his bag of medication for a pillow after being denied an available reclining chair.

“The nurse started yelling at him, telling him he can’t do that. He’s like, ‘I can’t get up and I won’t get up. I will be here until you can see me. Can I please have a blanket?’” McMenamin said.

That Facebook post was shared more than 80,000 times.

How sad that the disaster that is ObamaCare wasn’t even the worst part of Obama’s legacy on healthcare…

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