Watch What Happens When Trump Supporters Fight Back, Patriotic Stick Man DESTROYS ‘em all!

A pro-Trump rally, in Berkeley, California, was invaded by social justice warrior Antifa Trump haters. The extreme leftists became aggressive, started fights, hit people, and hosed people in pepper spray or mace.

Some people who are pro-Trump and love America came prepared to defend themselves. They came dressed like this because they know what the liberal aggressors always do. They historically show up and ruin fun events with violence, so it makes perfect sense why some people felt they had to attend their own event dressed in defensive gear.

After seeing what the leftists did to UC Berkeley when Milo was supposed to speak, it’s clear why right wing Donald Trump supporters attend their own events with protective gear.

This was supposed to be a fun rally in support of President Trump, but then the leftists showed up for no reason other than to be annoying and violent.

Kyle Chapman was just a normal guy yesterday. Now he’s arrested and charged with up to five felonies for defending himself and others when the violent leftists attacked.

Kyle is the man known as #BasedStickMan and he’s the fellow in the videos below who cracked his stick over some violent aggressors head.

Kyle has his back to a wall and he’s stopping the leftists from getting near him. If the leftists would leave people alone, then guys like Kyle wouldn’t have to defend themselves and get arrested for it.

If the Berkeley Police Department had any brains, then they would arrest the leftists who show up and start the trouble. You don’t go to a football game and arrest the players when a drunk fan does something stupid, right? So the same rule applies here. You don’t arrest Kyle for defending himself with a breakable stick at his own event. You arrest the guests who have bad behavior. The leftists were in the wrong, once again, and that’s who should be locked up and charged with felonies.

Kyle Chapman is being victimized by liberal California rules and police who refuse to do their job correctly. I don’t know if there’s a order to stand down, but at what point do the police say to themselves “OK, that’s enough violence from you leftists! Clear the area and leave the Trump rally alone. If you don’t leave them alone, then you will be arrested” ?

Why can’t the Berkeley cops do their job and stop the invaders from ruining the rally?

Why should Kyle Chapman be arrested when he’s protecting himself and others around him? They have the guy almost against a wall. He can’t even turn around and run. There’s no where to go! His only option is to fight back and make sure he doesn’t get hurt.

Why is he wearing all that gear and a gas-mask? If you recall previous events in Berkeley, the leftists have brought mace/pepper spray to events. If you watch closely in the video, right before he cracks an Antifa in the head, there’s a cloudy mist shot in Kyle’s direction. That’s a liberal macing a crowd for no reason.

If you look at the wall behind Kyle, there’s several older people there. They’re all defenseless at this point. If the liberals get by Kyle, then they will be spraying and beating old people.

Just the other day they pepper-sprayed an elderly man. What is wrong with a person who pepper-sprays an old guy?

Watch the videos below of the #BasedStickMan. Send this hashtag out on Twitter. And if you want to help pay for Kyle’s legal fees, then chip in at the link on the bottom of this article.

Want to watch the best part on replay? Here’s Based Stickman cracking the social justice warrior skull and breaking the stick. The anti-Trumpers should not have gone to this event and started fights. That’s not cool.

Based StickMan is going viral too. There’s already hilarious pictures and memes with this guy!

If you want to help Kyle Chapman with the lawyer fees, then here’s a Tweet to keep an eye on.

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