From Mad World News: Just as privacy has fallen victim to that of “security,” it seems that the right to free speech is falling victim to “political correctness.” Although this isn’t necessarily the fact, given the Constitution hasn’t been entirely ripped to shreds last time I checked, what one of Harry Reid’s body guards recently did to a Conservative journalist is beyond unreasonable.

As Mr. Reid has made clear in his recent effort to hinder the First Amendment, he doesn’t very much care for the rights of the American people, exhibiting more of a “he knows what’s best for everyone” type mentality. Apparently, feeling bullied by – you guessed it – the Koch brothers, Reid is spearheading an effort to limit the amount of resources that can be put into advocating for speaking out against a political candidate.

His complete and utter lack of care for the First Amendment and the Constitution as a whole by default, was only further demonstrated after allowing one of his goons to physically manhandle a Conservative journalist. It all began when Jason Mattera simply asked how Harry Ried became so rich living off a government paycheck.

According to his latest financial disclosure, Reid’s worth is somewhere between $2.9 and $6.7 million dollars. When asked about it, he simply remained silent and let his goons do the “talking” for him. Feel free to watch the inappropriately physical confrontation


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