[WATCH] Hidden Cam Catches Democrat Official Telling How They Cheat At Elections

I am so not shocked by this. A Manhattan Democrat representative on New York City’s Board of Elections, Alan Schulkin, is now saying there is rampant voter fraud in New York City thanks to Mayor (Comrade) de Blasio. Evidently, the mayor has been handing out ID cards instead of driver’s licenses for voting and now someone can walk in claiming to be anyone they want to be and get an ID good to go for voting. I assume they can get as many IDs as they want and vote over and over again. That was no mistake by Red de Blasio… he knew exactly what he was doing… he is a communist after all.

We have all known that in the Democratic haven that is New York City, elections have pretty much always been rigged. But now they’ve reached a new high in voter fraud. All the better to keep Marxists in control indefinitely. Project Veritas has an explosive video showing the admission on voter fraud by officials. The Big Apple is certainly rotten to the core.

From the Conservative Tribune:

Throughout the general election this year, Republican nominee Donald Trump has warned his supporters to be on the lookout for election fraud in November because of how desperate Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton is to win.

An explosive new video shot by Project Veritas, a conservative nonprofit organization, has confirmed many Republicans’ worst fears. In the video, the Manhattan Democrat representative on New York City’s Board of Elections, Alan Schulkin, essentially admitted that there was rampant voter fraud in New York City thanks to Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“He gave out ID cards, de Blasio. That’s in lieu of a driver’s license, but you can use it for anything. But, they didn’t vet people to see who they really are. Anybody can go in there and say I am Joe Smith, I want an ID card. It’s absurd,” Schulkin explained.

“There’s a lot of fraud. Not just voter fraud, all kinds of fraud,” Schulkin added. I bet. Under Progressive leadership everything is crooked and de Blasio is nothing if not a Progressive’s Progressive. The hysterical part here is that Schulkin didn’t know he was being recorded and said off the record that he supports voter ID laws… that people should have to… you know… prove who they are before they vote. What a novel concept.

And if you loved what Schulkin had to say about voter IDs, wait till you hear what he has to say about Muslims: “They detonate bombs in the public schools, which we are using. That could disrupt the whole election … Your vote doesn’t even count, because they can go in there with a burqa and you don’t know if they are a voter,” he stated when talking about Muslims voting. Sounds like Schulkin is in the wrong party. Just sayin’.

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